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About Us

All these toys were invented by Marky Sparky. They all have a fun factor only Sparky could give them. These are toys the way toys should be. They’re fun. They work. They’re durable. Every toy we sell should perform above your expectations. If not, we want to hear about it. We’re not like any other company you’ve ever dealt with.

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Our Mission

When you pick up and play with one of our toys we want you to not want to put it down. We want to create toys and sporting goods that can and will be played with for more than just a week or two. They should be robust enough and compelling enough to keep coming out of the closet whenever called upon. Most of all, in 20 years we want you to look back and remember us fondly that somehow we enriched your childhood.

Our History

'The Decades of Sparky'

Our Team

‘The Sparketts’

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From Our Toy Experts


I bought 3 of these type rockets for my child's 4th birthday party, and the Blast Pad is by far the most durable and easiest to use. My kid is small but was still able to easily make the rocket shoot into the air. The housing is made of durable hard plastic rather than foam rubber which is easily smashed. Of the three we bought, this was the only one left intact after 30 children swarmed all over them.

- Anon E Mus

Faux Bow Pro is amazing. Great bow & arrow practice for a kid who's interested in it, and works perfectly for an event/demonstration (we used it for a cub scout troop's Arrow of Light ceremony - the kids loved it). Shoots mostly straight, and it definitely goes far when you use it properly.

Also, people would be afraid of you in a NERF gun fight 😉


Doinkit Darts is a great little dartboard for all ages. Lightweight; easy to hang. Easy up; easy down. The darts work well - attach securely when thrown - and are safe for little ones. Our 6 & 9 year olds put aside their techy gifts to play with this. Mom happy about the no-injury darts. And the board design is surprisingly authentic: like a real "pub" board.

- Sandra
San Diego