The picture is Marky Sparky. It was taken in 1959. We think that he is on the verge of inventing his first toy. Note the large forehead and sneaky eyes. These traits have become synonymous with great innovators within the “Toy Inventing” community. He seemed early on to possess the Toy Inventor look that would enable him to become a legend in his own mind… 

At the age of nine, Mark Rappaport invented his first toy. Even though it wasn’t accepted by Mattel when his father presented it to them, this didn’t deter Rappaport from trying again and again.

Now in his 50’s, he had invented dozens of toys for Oddz On®, Parker Brothers®, Just Toys®, Sport Fun® and Hasbro®. He started Marky Sparky Toys 21 years ago manufacturing and marketing his own product.

This wasn’t Rappaport’s first successful entrepreneurial endeavor. After being trained as a classical industrial designer at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, he began a novelty candy business after a three and a half year stint at Mattel. In 1987, he sold the candy business for the opportunity to invent products for Parker Brothers in Massachusetts, but eventually returned to California to establish “What If? Toys” in 1989.

With the soaring success of the California Chariot™, Sparky’s first product that he developed and manufactured, Marky Sparky Toys was born. Rappaport proved that he had invented a new way to scoot. 21 years later he keeps coming up with new toys and products everyday.