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There are two slots on the back for a nail or picture hanger. Like the ones you would see on the back of a clock

You’d have to be pretty strong. It is plastic with a little magnet on the end. They are very well made and the weighting on them allows for accuracy when aiming them at the bullseye. 

It’s actually really good quality…. we beat the crap out of it at the barn and it’s taken the beating. Love it! 

Yes, it sure does. 3 of them.

We have tested this by having an adult jump on the stomp pad – they shot over a 2nd story roof, so pretty stinking high! This has been a fun toy – even for the grown-ups, who always want to give it a stomp! 

The telescopic tube Just pulls up & twist to tighten. Then it’s ready for action. Easy enough for a 2yo!

Absolutely as long as one doesn’t put their face over it as another kid fires it. 

No, the shaft is a cylindrical plastic tube and the tips are dense foam, almost rubberized. So as long as the foam tips don’t just sit wet for days and mold over they’d be fine. 

The Blast Pads come with 3 rockets to launch. However, they get some wear and tear over time (or dad gets one stuck in a tree) so it’s good to have extras to replace them with.

No, we have 200lb dads playing with these with no problems.

Nope. The rockets are reusable. Unless you get them on a roof or some other place you can’t get to and replacements are sold online.

Coming soon!

Call us at (800) 781-8110 and we will try to direct you to a store near you.

Or feel free to order online.

1230 Simpson Way in beautiful Escondido California! 

Here’s an easy chart to better see the difference between our three bows:

You cannot use any other brand. These arrows are proprietary and patented. They are extremely special and do things no other arrow can do. Specifically, they fly far and fast without having to impart much draw weight due to only weighing approximately 22 gms. They also can bend and not break. They are designed for impact and not piercing so it’s less dangerous. 

38 inches tip to tip when the bowstring is installed. It’s 44 inches tip to tip when you take the bowstring off. 

Pretty much anything and be at target. We like to use empty 2 L soda bottles. Empty cans work well too. We’re big on creativity so it’s really fun to make your own targets and try and knock them over or shoot through them.

Absolutely! Faux Bow customers range from kids to full grown adults.

Absolutely! Marky Sparky is a lefty so he would have never invented something he couldn’t play with. 🙂 

For the Faux Bow Pro: between 11-15 lbs depending on how far you pull back. 

For the Faux Bow Pro: 3 arrows

Skoooch: Ages 3-6 / Chariot: Ages 6 and up

E-mail us and tell us what you’re looking for:  [email protected]

#1 – Use a helmet.

#2 – Wear shoes.

And always ride with both hand on the handlebars!

I would like to start one… Any ideas? 

Call us at (800) 781-8110 and we will send you the missing part.

Call us at (800) 781-8110 and we will assist you and/or sell you the new parts.

Since Elephant Sale items are considered clearance items we’re unable to accept returns.

All Elephant Sale items are considered final.

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Absolutely! We love our non-profits, and we’re more than happy to offer a pricing special! 

Email us at [email protected] with all your details and let’s get something going.

Yes there is! We want every kid to get an AniMail too!

If you’re ordering 12+ of any one item, email us at [email protected] with all your details and we’ll help you out.

Shhhh! We randomly put secret discounts around the website. Good hunting!

Here’s an easy one to get you started:   Send us your best picture of the kids playing with a Marky Sparky toy to [email protected] and we’ll send you a 15% off coupon if we use it!