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BlastPad® Classic

BlastPad® Classic



BlastPad® Classic

  • OUTDOOR FUN: Perfect way to keep active while having fun. Just jump on the durable Blast Pad and watch a rocket soar into the sky. See just how far you can make it fly.
  • FUN FOR ALL: Boys and Girls of all ages will love watching their missile rocket skyward by jumping on the durable Blast Pad Create excitement, Play outdoors, Stay active, and Have fun.
  • HOW IT WORKS: It’s “Kid” Powered. Attach launch tube to base, extend to desired length (up to 31″ tall) Secure Blast Pad hose to base and in 3, 2, 1 Jump onto the Blast Pad and watch your rocket soar.
  • CONVENIENT: Unique design allows for all parts to store neatly into the base giving you the confidence your Blast Pad will be ready at any moment for hours of playtime.
  • INCLUDES: 1- Blast Pad Base, 1- Launch Tube, 1- Blast Pad and Hose, 3- Rockets with Foam tips. “New and Improved design allows rockets to fly higher than ever” Replacement rockets can be ordered.


Comes with:  3 Asst. Blastpad® Rockets and 1 Blastpad® Advanced Rocket launch system.

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BlastPad® Classic

As is our custom, we never quote rocket height or distance. We think this is up to the person jumping on the Blast Pad® to determine. We do however stand by our products. Nobody makes a better rocket launcher. We will out-distance anything out there. With incredibly smart missile technology, the award winning Blast Pad® is (in our opinion the best rocket launch system out there. The launch tube extends to almost 3 feet. Designed it to only blast in the vertical position (9 degrees either way).

Comes with:  3 Asst. Blastpad® Rockets and 1 Blastpad® Advanced Rocket launch system.

Ages 8 and Up 


PLEASE NOTE: Only works with the shorter Universal Rocket/Arrow Booster 5 Pack


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