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Many people comment on my horns. Did you know that all known breeds of Cows at one point in time had horns? Through artificial selection, farmers and breeders have realized that the polled (non-horned) gene is dominant, and therefore can be bred out of a breed easily. Since this is family friendly, I will not go into the details. Marky Sparky allowed me to keep my horns! I am happy about this because I think they are very stylish (and it looks like it hurts to remove them). So most dairy cattle have horns. But they aren’t necessarily born with them depending on what genes they are given. For those that do have horns, they lose them quickly because those dairy farmers trim them to prevent injury to other cattle. I think the real reason is so I won’t use them if I don’t feel like getting milked that day!


/! WARNING: Choking Hazard – Small Parts Not suitable for children under 3


Suggestions for stuff you can write…


Your udderly amazing
Milk it for all it’s worth
The steaks have been raised
It’s been udder chaos without you!
It’s past-ure birthday!
Good luck with the mooooove!
I hope you haven’t herd this all beefore
Hoping this helps with your bad moooood
Are you having Deja-moo?
I’m not aMOOsed.
Sorry life has been so terr-a-bull.


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