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Faux Bow™ PRO Combo

Faux Bow™ PRO Combo



Out of stock

Out of stock

Limited Summer Time Special!!

Just in time for summer! Take a Faux Bow Pro and mash in 2 Faux Bow Pro Refill Arrows and you got yourself a new Faux Bow Pro Combo!

Comes with your standard Faux Bow Pro items:

  • 1 Faux Bow Pro with fiberglass limbs with assembled bow tips
  • Three arrow quiver clip
  • 3 patented “Impact Arrows”
  • 1 Bowstring with Finger Guards
  • 2 Arrow rests



  • 6 additional “Impact Arrows”



  • Faux Bow Pro Combo!



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Faux Bow Pro™ Is the sport of archery re-invented. The patented totally unique “Impact” arrows are unlike anything ever shot from a bow. The oversized tubes (arrow shaft) are ultra lightweight and incredibly durable. The bow sports fiberglass bow limbs and a connected “3 arrow clip” quiver. The foam arrow tips are designed to bounce off and knock over fun targets kids can create. These arrows can fly over 200’. Kids can play in their own backyard or at the park.

Please Note: Only works with the longer Faux Bow Pro™ Arrow Refills

Ages 10 and up

(Designed to shoot right or left handed)

Adult supervision is recommended

Note: This is not a toy

Some assembly required


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