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Faux Real Bow™ Archery Set

Faux Real Bow™ Archery Set



TOTALLY UNIQUE: Patented “Impact Arrows” that are unlike anything ever shot from a bow! Our over-sized arrows are ultra-lightweight and ensure safety without compromising distance, power and fun! Shoot over 300 feet from this bow!

INCREDIBLY DURABLE: The Faux Real Bow sports quality fiberglass bow limbs and a die-cast aluminum riser.

AMAZING SPEEDS AND DISTANCE: Arrows have foam tips that are designed to bounce off and knock over any target you create.

OUTDOOR FUN: Has the feel of real archery! Shoots at amazing speeds!

INCLUDES: Complete Faux Real Bow (52″ x 12″ x 2”) with fiberglass bow limbs, die-cast aluminum riser and bow string with finger guards. Also includes assembled 30″ “Impact Arrows” with foam tip and durable nocks. Additional Faux Real Bow Arrows can be purchased separately.


IMPORTANT: Ages 14 and up. Faux Real Box is not a toy. When using this sporting good, please wear safety goggles and avoid shooting in the direction of other people.

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Faux Real Bow™ is not a toy! This is a real bow… but still Faux. Our most powerful bow to date boasts high quality fiberglass bow limbs with an 18-pound draw weight. The powder-coated riser is a sleek die-cast aluminum design shaped for both left and right-handed archers. Each set comes with twelve 30″ arrows with specially designed nocks. This bow will have you knocking down targets for hours!

The Archery Set comes with:

  • 1 Complete Faux Real Bow™ (52″ x 12″ x 2”) with fiberglass bow limbs, die-cast aluminum riser
  • 12 – 30″ “Impact Arrows” with foam tip and durable nocks.
  • 1 Bowstring with Finger Guards


Please Note: Only works with the new Faux Real Bow™ Arrows 6-Pack


Ages 14 and up

(Designed to shoot right or left handed)

Adult supervision is recommended

Note: This is not a toy

Some assembly required


1 review for Faux Real Bow™ Archery Set

  1. Zach Dyer (verified owner)

    The bow itself is fantastic quality, everything feels like preium materials. Putting it together and stringing the bow was incredibly straightforward. I have never tried archery before and thought this might be a fun and safe way to give it a try. The draw weight isnt difficult for an adult, my kids were able to draw it back about halfway.
    The arrows are a nice design the only complaint i have would be the red plastic pieces the fit it to the bowstring pop out often and tend to crack. They pop back in easily but ive already lost a few. Luckily the set came with 10 arrows to start. Its not surprising that these would not last forever given the nature of the item.
    Really enjoyable product over all.

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  2. Jason Gaerlan (verified owner)

    This bow is fantastic! I bought it as a gateway to target archery and it’s great for shooting at things without any collateral damage.I couldn’t be more pleased with it. Heck, I’m already planning to buy a second one and more arrows to spread the love.

    The only thing I feel I should let other buyers know is that the vanes on the arrows can have sharp edges that may cut the back of your hand when you loose the arrow. This can be solved with a glove, a wrap, or by choking down on the grip, but I have a couple of scars now where the arrows really got me.

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