Frog Alias (Froget-Me-Not)


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Frog just loves to be kissed. Cuddling is ok but he really loves to lay those smackers on unsuspecting passersby. Frog loves to travel but his language skills are not that great so we suggest sending him to only “english speaking” destinations. He is also very fond of poetry so when you write on him, take some time and try to be poetic or at least take some poetic license. He is somewhat ticklish as well so if you plan to draw between his toes I would get somebody else to distract him with a cookie or some other treat. Keep the treats to a minimum though. Frog could stand to lose a few inches around his midsection.


/! WARNING: Choking Hazard – Small Parts Not suitable for children under 3


Suggestions for stuff you can write…


Don’t Froget we love you
Froget- me -not
I toad you I love you
I TOAD-ally Miss you!
You are TOAD-ally Awesome!
Hop to see you soon!
So sorry I froggot!
That day was unfroggetable!
Toad-ay is the big day!

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