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Mini Wahoo™ is just a happy guy. He always wants to play. He seems to smile 24/7. Wahoo™ is very in tune with the people around him. He can sense when someone is down or just having a bad day. His canine instincts can hone in on a sad person in need of a lick or find a slice of bacon that fell on the floor. He’s the perfect cuddle machine. He’ll sit in your lap forever and never move, content to please his companion. Wahoo™ is totally in touch with his own feelings, wearing them on his… tail. He will listen to his friends for hours, not even blinking. He loves having letters written on him as he likes being in the middle of the action. Sometimes he’ll even suggest funny or sentimental lines to write. Wahoo™ is the best “rubber dog” friend anybody could ever have!


/! WARNING: Choking Hazard – Small Parts Not suitable for children under 3


Suggestions for stuff you can write…


Every dog has it’s day
You are so Doggone cute
Your top dog to me
Be your own dog
Just paws we love you
I’m so BLUE without you!
Doggone it, I miss you!
Doggone it, I love you!
Doggone it, you’re the best!
It’s Puppy Love!


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