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Proud and tall with an arrogant stance, Moose thinks he’s a gift from mother nature herself. With his 3″ rubber rack (antlers) other rubber guys take a wide berth around this guy. Don’t let his cocky smile fool you. He is as insecure as a squishy Animail™ can get. It stems from his feelings of inadequacy as he is always mistaken for a mighty Elk. Moose is always overcompensating by trying to stand taller than he actually is. Be kind to Moose and help him to understand that you care about him just the way he is. Never accidentally call him Elk.

/!\WARNING: Choking Hazard – Small Parts Not suitable for children under 3

Suggestions for stuff you can write…

I moose you
Moose me?
Let your inner moose loose
Merry Christmoose
Your so moose-aliscious
We Moost do that again!
It was fun moosebehaving with you
Let’s get into some moosechief
Make the moost of it
MMMM… Chocolate Moose!
The Moose is Loose!
Happy Birthday from your favorite Aunt-ler.
I’m not amoose-d.

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