Sea Turtle Alias (Shaka)


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Let’s face it, my shell isn’t the hard protective cover I had hoped for growing up. It has taught me to depend on my wits instead of my shell. I’m the kind of Turtle that really gets into deep conversation about almost anything. Being a pseudo-intellectual, I really enjoy a good debate on almost anything. Sometimes I like to “stir the pot” and create a little controversy just to get a reaction. I wanted to go to college but I couldn’t find anywhere the professors would teach underwater. Now I spend most of my time reading. I use a Kindle® and a zip-lock baggy to keep it dry. It would be fun to meet some other smart people to talk with. These guys at Marky Sparky are fun but I am kind of tired of their “sophomoric” humor.

/! WARNING: Choking Hazard – Small Parts Not suitable for children under 3

Suggestions for stuff you can write…

Your turtuly awesome
Let’s Shellabrate!
Sorry I’ve been so Shellfish lately…
You are Turtley Radical!
This is way cooler than calling your Shell phone!
I’m Turtley in love with you!
You are so speshell to me!
Shell we get together soon?
Go with the flow




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