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Tooth Dude™

Tooth Dude™



Tooth Dude™

Who needs a pillow when the Tooth Dude’s around!

A friendly, squishy, bedside companion that helps a child navigate the mystical and magical world of the Tooth Fairy and Tooth Dude™. Losing your teeth has never been more fun (and profitable).

Ages 3 and up



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“A pillow-free alternative to the Tooth Fairy Experience”

A fun and unique way to celebrate losing a tooth! No longer will the Tooth Fairy have to dig under pillows worrying about being ‘discovered’ or dropping the tooth on the floor.

Step 1:   Kiddo places tooth on top of Tooth Dude

Step 2:   Kiddo falls asleep

Step 3:   Tooth Fairy removes tooth and slips money into the slot in the back of Tooth Dude

Step 4:   Done!


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Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 6.5 in


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