Unicorn (Real or Myth)?


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It really gets tiring trying to explain to people that I am in fact real. I have traveled the world as an ambassador for Unicorns trying to spread the word that we are real. We do exist… Having been around since time began I have seen a lot. From the greek gods (they only bathed once a month) to the amazing artist of the Renaissance , my life has been a full one. Now I am looking forward to new adventures with this “AniMail™” gig. Just write a letter all over me and send me on my way (don’t mess with the horn though. It’s very sensitive). I have never been to Florida. There is a place there that has other creatures like me. It has a funny name… Disney-something?


/! WARNING: Choking Hazard – Small Parts Not suitable for children under 3

Suggestions for stuff you can write…

I hope you are enjoying University!
You are Unique!
I hope your sickness doesn’t last furlong!
You are my mane man/woman!
You whinny some, you lose some.
Hopefully I can visit Soonicorn!
Don’t look so bluenicorn!

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