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      Did you know?

      Did you know that you can help the economy by shopping at your local, independent stores? By supporting nearby business, a good portion of your dollar stays right where you live. This helps you indirectly with every purchase, $1.00 at a time. So just click on our list below and find a store in your area (we have included phone numbers whenever possible).

      Here are some suggested steps to try and be as efficient as possible.

      • Understand that this is a list of our customers that may or may not carry the Marky Sparky item you want at this time. They are all approved vendors and have purchased from us in the past so they can call us up to ship them the items ASAP for you to see at their store.
      • The person on the phone is a store employee that may or may not be familiar with the Marky Sparky item you want (they are on this list because they have purchased from us before).
      • If the person is unable or unwilling to help, ask for the manager or owner. We know most of the owners on a first name basis. I can assure you that every sale is important to them and they will appreciate your business.
      • We do not compete in price with our stores. You will not save any money by buying directly from us. In fact it will cost you more because of the shipping cost.
      • Our products are not available at the larger retailers (big box stores). We only sell to small specialty retailers. In most cases, if you do buy our product on the internet it will be coming from a “brick and mortar store” with an “internet” presence.
      • The goal in all this is for you to get the Marky Sparky product you want directly from your local store. It might be a little more work but in the end you are stimulating your economy and supporting your neighborhood. We support “Buying Local” and we hope you do too.